Administrative and Advisory Councils

         State Chapter Committee Operating Procedures

         Advisory Council Operating Procedures

         SC Weekend Leader Application

(Please email a copy of the new leader applications to the State Chair and State Secretary.)

         SC Clergy Application

(Please send or email clergy applications to our Clergy Coordinator.)

         Kairos Policy Documents


         FPP Job Descriptions

         Financial Policies and Practices

         Request for Cash Advance

         Cash Advance Worksheet

         Receipt Log

         Check Request Form

(Please click the appropriate tab on the bottom of the form and send to our financial secretary.)

         Kairos Ordering (Ezra, Donor, & Supplies)


         Universal AKT Registration Form

(Check the AKT Kalendar on to register)

         Inside Coordinator Guide

         Excellence Initiative Survey Flow (Who does what and when.)

         Kairos Inside EI Interview Questions

         Kairos Outside EI Interview Questions